By Grace


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell  © 2004


Not by giving your last dime to charity

Not by living a life of integrity

Not by swallowing a symbol of his body

Can we ever be seen righteous in his eyes


Not by going to church every sunday

Not by throwing away sinful ways of yesterday

Not by hanging a cross around your neck

Can you ever be acquitted of your lies


Cause by grace you have been saved through faith

Not of works, but by the life he gave

You can spend life in an endless chase

Cause without his grace you’ll never reach the Father


Not by obeying law officers and traffic signs

Not by praying the Lord’s prayer a hundred times

Full immersion in a pool or a river

May wash you clean of dirt but nothing more


Not by leading a blind man across the street

Not by reading your Bible faithfully

Not by loving every neighbor as himself

Can a man be reconciled to the Lord


Your good deeds make you proud

You count them every day

But how can filthy rags wipe all your sins away

Beneath a crown of thorns god hid a shining pearl

Behold the Lamb of God

Who takes away the sins of the world


And when you realize it was you he suffered for

Then good works will show you truly are a child of the Lord

You can be a saint from now till kingdom come

but without the grace of Jesus Christ the race of life can never be won


Nothin’ you can do, there’s nothin’ you can do

Nothin’ you can do but accept the gift he’s given you



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