Fishers Of Men


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell  © 2000


You rise to the call of the seagull

A donut and a cup of tea

You climb aboard and set a course for the open sea

You look out beyond the horizon

The sky begins to change its hue

The gentle sea’s salty breeze takes a hold of you


And then you close your eyes and say a prayer

Where is the ocean life, Lord, lead me there

A gust of wind comes blowin’ in

A verse of scripture in the air


I’ll make you fishers of men

Drop your nets and follow me

I’ll make you fishers of men

Leave behind your selfish needs

See what I’ve called you to be...fishers of men


Breakin’ through the waves you found it

What you had been searchin’ for

You swing around and run aground

On a brand new shore

Faith is what had kept you sailing

After years of disappointing runs

But it was rare of you to share it with anyone


And now you see the pain, and hear the cries

And tell how Jesus heals and justifies

You’re in his will, your nets are filled

And for his words you’re thankful still


The minute you pull a fish out of the water

The life God breathes slowly leaves

But when you catch a man

By the lure of his holy plan

God breathes new life into him again



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