Jesus Jesus


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell   © 2004


Jesus Jesus you are my Lord and Savior

(You are the firm foundation)

Jesus Jesus you are my joy my hiding place

(The rock of my salvation)

And when skies are turning to grey

You’re just a prayer away

That’s why I pray to Jesus


Jesus Jesus you are so true and faithful

(Yesterday, today tomorrow)

Jesus Jesus each day your mercies they’re brand new

(You take away my sorrow)

And when you were up on that tree

You died and set me free

How can it be my Jesus Jesus


Jesus Jesus I don’t deserve your favor

(Your grace is so amazing)

Jesus Jesus you are the way, the truth and life

(It’s only you I’m praising)

And when life is hurtin’ me so

The way of peace I know

I’ll always go with Jesus Jesus



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