Please Come Home


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell and Anthony Autera   © 2000


My heart was grieved, when you chose to leave

And independence became your friend

Trust turned to doubt, selfish pride came about

And separation became its end


But my love hasn’t changed

And my word is still the same


Whatever you have done, or what you have become

It doesn’t matter, please come home

I’m knockin’ at your heart, calling you in from the dark

My child I love you...please come home


Years have gone by, you may wonder why

But wanting you back is all that I know

When eyes so blind, take a long, long time

My unfailing love is what will show


And all you need to do

Is turn to me and I’ll run to you


Come to my arms of forgiveness

Walk through my door of grace

Leave behind all the scars in your past

And let all your hurt be erased



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