The Greatest Miracle


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell   © 2004


It was a sabbath day, down on the ground he lay

A lame man, hopin’ for healing

Jesus looked down at him

Filled with compassion he told him to stand

He walked away a brand new man


Jesus was far away when someone came to say

His good friend lay in his bed near death

Jesus allowed him to die

Just so the Father could be glorified

Many saw Lazarus raised unto life


We read of his awesome power

And we know in our hearts its real

And though we’re amazed at the signs he displayed

I still can’t help but feel


The greatest miracle wasn’t giving sight to the blind

Or making clean a leper’s skin or changing water into wine

You fed a multitude with hardly any food

But the greatest miracle was the one you performed in my life


Back when it all began, I was a godless man

I stood tall, proud of what I had achieved

One day I realized

God had another plan for my life

One that did not revolve around me


He reached with his awesome power

Even when my heart had been

So far away like a sheep gone astray

His love led me back to him


Oh Lord I know who I am

I call myself a Christian

But I’m really just a wretched man

And you Lord, in your perfect holiness

You still decide to live inside of me

Oh it has to be a miracle!