To Our Knees


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell and Anthony Autera  © 2001


As we watched the plane rip right through the steel

We screamed oh God can this be real

The ash and the tears, they soaked us all like rain

And in the midst of our disbelief and pain


It brought us to our knees

Crying in fear to Thee

For in this dark and lowly time

Its the highest place to be

It brought us to our knees

Asking you God to please

Restore our broken hearts with perfect love

And perfect peace

In this land of the brave and free

It brought us to our knees


As we dig through rock and sift through blood-stained dirt

Too many lost, too many hurt

We say to ourselves oh God how can this be

And then the heroes of courage they make us see


Teach us Lord to trust in only Thee

Until one nation under God we’ll be

We turn to you in true humility

Because we see...



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