Somethin' Strange


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell  © 2012



They say I’m goin crazy

They think I’ve gone insane

They wonder what has happened?

Sam he’s just not the same


(He’s changed)

Maybe he is lost or he’s deranged

Either way there’s somethin’ strange

Somethin strange


He used to be the coolest

It’s such a cryin shame

Destined for fame and fortune

Look! now he’s a born again


(He’s changed)

Maybe someone went and washed his brain

I’m tellin you there’s somethin strange


He won’t drink anymore

He don’t party like before

Never says a dirty word

Sam became a Christian, have you heard?

Have you heard


They tried to reason with me

Point out my big mistake

All that potential wasted

Come on back, it’s not too late


But I’ve changed

Can’t you see my life is rearranged

You’re the one who seems so strange


Cause I don’t drink anymore

I won’t party like before

Rarely use a dirty word since I’m a new creation

A miracle, it truly has occurred

Base my life upon God’s Word

Since I became a Christian, have you heard?

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