Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell  © 2011



The beating of a baby’s heart on a sonogram display

Emotion in a work of art can take your breath away

Like colors in a sunset sky

And wings upon a butterfly

But nothing can compare to the love of the Father


The beauty in a cheetah’s stride

As she chases down her prey

To sit and watch the ocean tide recede and drift away

The eagle soaring high and free

Inspiring as they all may be

There’s nothing to compare with the love of Jesus

Just one word that I can find


Amazing, amazing

Grace & forgiveness

What else can you call it but

Amazing, amazing

What manner of love is this?

Take sinners like us, a Savior like Him

It seems like oil and water to me

Amazing love, how can it be?


Have you considered outer space

Distant stars and galaxies

Looked down upon a coral reef

Or up at redwood trees?

I can’t help thinking “what is man”

To figure in His master plan

Cause nothing we can do could ever earn this favor

Just one word comes to my mind
















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