Bring It To The Lord


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell  © 2007



So much on your mind, you’re in so deep

You can’t unwind, can’t get no sleep

Peace you can’t find, joy you can’t keep

You’re drowning in tribulation


(But take heart) cause there is someone who

Will overcome the world closing in on you

(And He knows) all about the trouble you’re in

Just cast your every care on Him


Bring it to the Lord

Ask Him for an answer

What seems to man a hopeless thing

Is just a day at the office for Him

So bring it to the Lord

Ask Him for direction

It may not be the one you’re looking for

But He knows better than you


The daily grind begins to take its toll

How you gonna dig yourself out of this hole

The faster you climb, the further your goal

You’re two steps beyond frustration


(But take heart) your lack of faith confess

Boldly come to Jesus and He’ll give you rest

(And He won’t) won’t forsake you

And He’ll never leave

Turn to Him and just believe













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