My Thoughts On The Teaching Known As Calvinism


Throughout the inspired Word of the Holy Bible we notice that God’s greatest enemy, Satan, has two primary goals: first, to exalt himself above God, and second, to keep man from an eternal, saving relationship with God.


His strategy towards this end usually involves an attack on the integrity of Sacred Scripture. One such attack in my opinion is the invention of a doctrine we know in our day by the name of Calvinism. Though it bears the name of a man, I am convinced this false teaching originated in the mind of the father of lies, the great deceiver, Satan himself. It is a teaching which attempts to undermine the fundamental tenet of Scripture which clearly states that God desires every person to be rescued from the penalty of sin, a penalty originally brought upon man by the scheme of who else? ...Satan, in the garden of Eden.


“Reformed Theology,” “The Doctrines of Grace,” and “God’s Sovereignty,” are all clever pseudonyms for this teaching, which though appealing to the educated mind, falls apart at its very foundation under the scrutiny of God’s Word.


My need to study and write on this touchy subject stems from my conviction that Calvinism is harmful to those believing it as well as a hindrance to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


My prayer is that honest seekers of truth (Jer. 21:19) will read the following articles with an open mind and biblically consider the implications of believing in Calvinism.



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