Sam Powell shared his uplifting, straight from the heart, enjoyable Gospel ministry this past Sunday at St. David’s. He had everybody singing along with him! Over the past several days, I have heard a whole lot of joy and praise from our local St. David’s folks as well as from guests in neighboring congregations who came as well. Martin Luther says that there’s nothing like a good song of praise to send the Devil packing – and Sam surely did that among us. He has a gift from God of letting his humanity deliver the message – and it does. It’s not an act, it’s a testimony of Grace driven faith and praise. May Ha-Shem continue to bless Sam as he brings the grace home to the hearts of many through his spirited music and humble humanity. What a combo! He is living proof of the way and the extent to which “God hears/hearkens".

David John Meyers, Pastor

St. David’s Evangelical Lutheran Church


Sam Powell's concert was a true worship experience! He was genuinely praising the Lord and not putting on a show. I found his music both biblical and inspirational. He sings truth about God, salvation and the Christian life. Also, I was truly motivated to dedicate myself more unreservedly to the Lord by the songs I heard that night. What was truly amazing was that he did not charge a fee for such a professional concert. By the way he conducted himself, I could tell that Sam came to minister in our church and not to make money. We took a love offering that night and I must admit I held back some of my money to purchase a CD. I play that CD over and over again because it is so edifying. I highly recommend Sam Powell to other churches. I myself am eager to find a reason to have Sam come back soon. Don't miss out on the blessing!

Pastor Chris Pandolphi

Calvary Baptist Church of Medford


It is with great joy for me to recommend musician, singer, songwriter Sam Powell for your special venue. Sam is the whole package. He brings to your ministry his talents and his testimony. His musical ability is so vast and so diversified, I had to ask myself is there any instrument he doesn't play? I marveled at the message in his faith-filled music (yes, he writes the lyrics too!) all the while clothed in the purest of humility. Sam is likable, personable and can easily reach all ages and backgrounds. Along with his music he also happens to be a Jewish believer which enables your church or coffee house to reach out beyond the Christian community. To whom much is given, much is expected and you can expect great things with Sam Powell.

Samantha Tetro

Samantha's “Li'l Bit Of Heaven” Ministries


Sam Powell's ministry in music blends together rich biblical themes in the lyrics he has written with rich musical performance. The overall effect is edification, encouragement and evangelism through the Word in song. Sam's spiritual giftedness is to use music as an avenue of praise and proclamation of the truth of God. I wholeheartedly recommend Sam to other local churches or fellowship groups who are not looking to be entertained, but built up in their faith and led into the presence of Jesus Christ in worship in spirit and truth. (John 4)

Mark B. Musser, Senior Pastor

New Village Church


Sam Powell’s music ministry at our church’s JC Café was a blessing and a joy. His music was upbeat and engaging to his audience. His music has a Christ-centered message that inspires and draws people to the Gospel. He is a multi-talented Christian musical artist, playing a variety of instruments on top of his singing! His ministry would be enjoyed by all ages as it was in our Church community.

Pastor Julia YH Yim

Farmingdale United Methodist Church


Our experiences with Sam Powell have been sweetly filled with humble and spirited worship. He established a great connection with the listeners, encouraging audience participation. His presentation was real, which was deeply appreciated, and the music was easy to identify with and well rehearsed and delivered. Sam's voice and delivery is very likeable, which is only the tip of the iceberg with his many other instrumental offerings. Jazz stylings of worship songs, original songs, and even visual art were part of the evening. We were blessed to have been there, and God was glorified!

Pete and Cheryl Jansson

Pastor and Worship Leader

Island Christian Church, Port Jeff, NY


What a blessing and inspiration, Sam Powell and his music ministry. It not only offers up worship to the Lord, but also adds the extra blessing of teaching God's Word, through song and testimony. All of us here were moved and challenged to serve. I would highly recommend the music ministry of Sam Powell, you will all truly be blessed.

Pastor Scott R. Kraniak

Centereach Bible Church



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