Eating With The Sinners


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell  © 2009




One thing I’ve discovered in this world today

Everyone’s a critic with something to say

Pointing out each little speck of dirt in our lives

Meanwhile there’s a plank in each one of their eyes


Seems that I was seen with unbelievers you learned

My spending time with them has got you concerned

I should just repent and flee these unforgiven folk

Cause Scripture says we’re not to be unequally yoked


Yes, I’m eating with the sinners

Hither with the heathen I’ll be hid

That’s right, I’m eating with the sinners

Cause honey, that’s what Jesus always did


Strange things have been happening I don’t get at all

Like friendships being broken in the fellowship hall

Smiles and hugs are hiding this deceptive disease

Who needs the enemy with brothers like these?


Friday we were gigging in a club downtown

By noon on Saturday word had gotten ‘round

What they fail to recognize from down in those weeds

While we were rockin’ I was planting some seeds


Thank the good Lord he’s devised a remedy

He taught it’s not the saints who need an MD

So when you see the faithless, be it gentile or jew

There’s really only one thing for a Christian to do


Yes, that’s eating with the sinners

Count them not your enemies but friends

And you should be pleading with the sinners

Explaining how the Savior died for them













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