"Desert Island Discs"

The rules are as follows: Pick 12 record albums you would bring with you if you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life! You can only bring one album per artist and you may include one double album! (ok so I made my own rules)


So here they are in no particular order (as of February 2012):



Earth, Wind & Fire  All 'n' All

Perfect from the first note to the last. Great songs, great vocals, great horns. This record was EW&F at their peak, in my opinion! I said no particular order, but I listed this first because this is just probably my favorite record of all time.


Tower of Power  Back to Oakland

I love just about everything from these guys but if I had to pick one this would be it. Tight, horn-driven funk with a world class rhythm section and lead vocalist. Moving ballads, great arrangements, and an iconic cover design to boot.


David Sancious  Transformation: The Speed of Love

I have no idea what the title means but this record floors me every time I listen to it. It combines an intricately composed fusion of jazz, rock and classical themes delivered in a gritty edged live context, with two relatively unsung virtuosos on drums and bass. Sancious is a true artist be it on the rhodes, moog, strat or acoustic.


David Sanborn  Hideaway

I can't think of enough superlatives to describe how I feel about the way David Sanborn plays and sounds. Throw in Steve Gadd, Neil Jason on the funky fretless, Don Grolnick and a who's who of acclaimed contemporary jazz sidemen and you've got yourself a real classic. Production wise it sounds like the 70s but hey it was.


Steven Curtis Chapman  Heaven in the Real World

Chapman is the master of the catchy 4-minute sermonette, both lyrically and musically. Aside from his strong lead vocals, on this particular record he is backed by a team of musicians that simply can't fail: Lee Sklar, John Robinson and Dan Huff. The result is 12 life-impacting songs, and by the 3rd or 4th listen my life was hereby impacted. Still is. "Remember your chains, and remember your chains are gone."


Basia  The Sweetest Illusion

This might be the oddball of the pack, but I love everything about this record. The songs are clever, well written and across the board the playing is inspiring.


Michel Camilo  Why Not?

Michel Camilo is bar none my favorite musician on the planet. Music is made up of rhythm and harmony, and Michel's piano playing is a mastery of both. He contrasts beautiful voicings with blazing fast runs. Anthony Jackson, Dave Weckl, unbelievable horns and percussion, what else can you say?


The Cat Empire  The Cat Empire

I'm convinced these young cats from Australia have some of these records in their collections. They are by far the best group I've heard emerge in the 21st century. Thanks to my son Tom for turning me on to them!


Stevie Wonder  Songs in the Key of Life

Who doesn't love this record? You know the hits but it's the songs like "Summer Soft" and "Knocks Me Off My Feet" which make this collection a gem.


Ron Kenoly  God Is Able

An inspiring evening of soulful live praise music which runs the gamut from quietly worshipful to an all out foot-stomping praisefest! What puts it over the top is great musicianship from the likes of Abe Laboriel and Chester Thompson.


Israel & New Breed  A Deeper Level

Israel picks up where Kenoly left off and brings it into the 21st century. The truths of the Bible come alive in this live musical journey to a deeper level of communion with the Lord. "Where would I be if not for your grace," indeed? The musicianship is top rate but tastefully takes a back seat to the message which transcends.


Maceo Parker  Life on Planet Groove

2% jazz 98% fun-ky stuff! You cannot help but smile and "shake everything you've got" while listening to this exciting live recording from the early 90s.














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