Shmuel & The Gentiles is the mildly humorous name I have concocted which represents those odd occasions when I don't play every instrument at my concert, but rather call upon the talents of some friends of mine who happen to be quite proficient on their given instruments.


In the image above, from right to left (of course) you've got Steve Briody (pretty famous guitar player, at least in his own house), Anthony Carrai (bassist highly influenced by Jaco and The 3 Stooges), his better half Margaret Carrai (famous for singing "So Say Amen"instead of "It's Raining Men" on wedding gigs), yours truly (Shmuel Powell), Jim Mansfield (drummer constantly glued to his laptop), Ron Moore (knows every hymn ever written in all 12 keys), and finally on the woodwinds, Louis Nicolosi. Tom Huber (camera shy) bangs on some congas and shakes little eggs sometimes, and (not pictured) is the up and coming rookie Daniel Carrai.


Check out the concert page for our next exciting evening of ministry... Come on down as we show the world what it means to be Jazzed for Jesus! In the meantime, enjoy these videos from a past concert:


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