What Will You Do With Jesus?


Lyrics & Music by Sam Powell  © 2007




He’s my fortress, refuge and strength

Ever present helper

He’s my comfort, only in Him

Can I find true shelter


My redeemer, light of my world

Fount of living water

He’s the Savior for every man

Woman, son and daughter


He’s the Son of God and with an iron rod

He will rule wherever human feet will trod

He’s the living Word and if You haven’t heard

He wants to be the Lord of Your life


I’m talkin’ ‘bout Jesus

God so loved the world He gave us Jesus

Because He desires to save us

Jesus, He’s holding His hand out to You

But what will You do with Jesus

What will You do


He’s my wisdom, He is my rock

Intercessor, master

He’s my shepherd when I go astray

Seeking greener pasture

My provider, faithful and true

My propitiation

He’s the father I never had

This prodigal’s only salvation














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