There is one true God who exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



Jesus is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, was fully God and fully man, lived a sinless life, died in our place as a sacrifice for the sins of all humanity, was buried, arose bodily from the grave, and ascended into Heaven.



Jesus Christ will imminently return to bring all true believers throughout history to Heaven for "The Marriage Supper of the Lamb" while the tribulation takes place on earth, then return to earth with them approximately 7 years later to reign on David’s Throne in Jerusalem for 1000 years.



God the Holy Spirit is active in convincing unbelievers of their need for salvation, and is the Comforter and Guide Who lives in every believer.



The Bible is the Word of God without any error, the sole authority for life and faith.



Man is a special creation of God, made in His image, but that through the sin of the first man, Adam, mankind fell so that all men are sinners and need salvation.



Salvation is an undeserved gift received through repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is available to any man willing to repent of his sin and turn to God, trusting in the efficacy of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross alone as the full payment for his sin debt to God.



All come as a result of the sinner placing his faith in God and embracing His free gift of grace. The believer is given a new nature, becomes a child of God, and begins to experience the sanctification process whereby God perfects his nature.



Every person who is truly saved is eternally secure in the Lord Jesus Christ and will one day live in His very presence, worshiping Him in Heaven for all eternity.



Sovereign God, being outside of the dimension of time, surely knows in advance how every event in history will unfold, as well as the decisions free men will make. In light of these facts, God has predestined those who embrace His salvation to Christ-likeness, adoption, and eternal bliss in His holy presence.



Those persons who die in their sins without Christ must spend eternity in Hell to satisfy God's justice and those persons who die with their sins forgiven through Christ will spend eternity in Heaven.



Water baptism is an act of obedience to the command of Christ and is by immersion after salvation. It in no way assists a sinner in earning their salvation, which came completely by the grace of God through Jesus’ death.



The church is 1) the entire body of believers in Christ from the Day of Pentecost until the rapture, and 2) a local body of baptized believers with the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head.



Each believer has direct access to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Ongoing confession of sin, repentance, and a desire to do God’s will results in powerful and effective prayer.



Good works come naturally as a result of the new birth. Like baptism, good works in no way help a sinner to become righteous before God but are simply the fruit of regeneration.



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