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Updated May 8, 2023




My latest CD of all original music is finally recorded, mixed and mastered! Nine new songs comprise this, my 3rd album of all original material. As usual, I play nearly everything on the recording but it also features a bevvy of guest musicians, most notably, drummer John Simeone, who plays drums on all the tracks but one. Be Still is, as most of you know, is an allusion to famous bible verse Psalm 46:10 which states "Be still and know that I am God." This is a verse which has meant a lot to me the past few years, inspiring me to compose the title track, which features a lush horn arrangement and a sax solo, two staples of Sam Powell tunes. The album will be available as digital download from iTunes as well as physical CD via direct purchase from me...hit me up via email:




I spent many years and much time and effort ministering live and in person in many, many churches and coffeehouses, and what a blessing it was to share my music and testimony live with both believers and non-believers who attended these concerts. So many people told me they were blessed but it was really I who was blessed by the tangible expressions of love and gratitude shown. Alas, it seems that I am retired from that chapter in my life, especially since I no longer own the Chevy Tahoe that served as my "tour bus" and "equipment truck!" God has closed the door on that ministry, although if he chooses to reopen it I will certainly be willing to walk through....











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