Hey, thanks so much for stopping

by my website!


It is such an honor to be called by God to communicate his message of hope, love and salvation through music, words and pictures.


I pray you will be blessed as you explore my

musical and artistic endeavors via this site,

and my greatest desire is that through it

Jesus Christ will be glorified, honored and

exalted, because only he deserves the praise!









Sam Powell is a musical and graphic artist. On the music side, Sam sings, plays guitar,

bass guitar, keyboards, drums, alto/soprano/tenor saxophones, trumpet/flugelhorn and

clarinet. . . while on the graphic side Sam enjoys creating fine art in mostly pencil and charcoal

but also creates commercial art using pen and ink as well as a host of computer art programs,

particularly photoshop.


Sam’s goal in life is to use these abilities to bring glory to the “giver of every perfect gift,”

Jesus Christ (James 1:17).













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